Philippe Intraligi: Have Camera, Will Travel

Closing out Photography Month with a graphic designer who is always ready to shoot

What? Did you really think that ADC’s Photography Month was over? April Fool’s! Don’t worry, we will be starting fresh next week, but we figured we’d finish off what has been a fantastic month of creatives and their photographic talents with just one more ADC Member!

Now we couldn’t sign off on Photography Month without hearing from our friends at Shutterstock. The premiere imagery, video and music provider is a longtime ADC Global Partner and Corporate Member, so you know they have their photo game down pat, but today’s featured ADC Member isn’t a professional photographer. Instead we are featuring one of Shutterstock’s designer directors, who just so happens to have a passion for snapping photos wherever he goes.


Design Director, Shutterstock
New York, NY



How old were you when you became interested in photography? How did that interest come about, and how was it fostered?

I think I was around 5 or 6. I remember asking my mom to give me her camera to take pictures. I loved the fact to see the world through the square lens and I envisioned I was becoming a director and doing films. I wanted to take pictures of my toys. I always played with LEGOs and small toy soldiers which I prepped in massive scenes. I wanted to use the camera to capture these sets and then make a movie out of it.

Do you remember the earliest photograph you ever took?

It was during Christmas time. I took a picture of my toy soldiers in my playroom. I was very upset by the result. It was yellowish, badly lit though my room lightning. I imagined it similar to my dreams, when I was actually playing with the toys.

What type of photography would you say is your specialty, and how did it come to be your specialty?

I think I’m taking pictures like layouting for print. I’m a graphic designer by trade, and I love to play with proportions, colors, dimensions and concepts. I think my photography shines a light on this fact.

Define your photographic style in a single sentence.

Everyday photography with a special set of proportions.

What’s your favorite camera to shoot with? What’s so awesome about it?

I love my iPhone and my Nikon D600. My iPhone is just the best photo toy out there at the moment. Quick, light and flexible. My Nikon D600 is for the special ideas, trips and moments. I can capture emotions much better with my Nikon.

Of course batteries are also important. I’m very sad when I run out of batteries just when I spot a scene that I’d like to take a picture of.

Is there a particular project of yours of which you’re especially proud?

My special project is taking photos of New York City. Ever since I was a young boy I was dreaming about living and working in New York. I was fascinated by it, watching movies and imagining how it felt to be in the city. Seven years ago I finally made if happen and moved to New York. Since then it’s my little love story. I feel I’m home. When I’m in walking around in New York, I like that people don’t really notice you, and you can live a life without judgement or prejudice.

What would be your dream client/project/collaboration?

I think I’d love to do a shoot for a fashion client. I have a lot of ideas stored in my head, I’m just waiting for the time I can realize them.

Nowadays everyone has ‘cameras’ in their pockets and Instagram on their phones. How has this changed the photography game? How has this changed your photography game?

I have to say that I became better at photography through my mobile phone. In the past I would constantly see images that I’d love to photograph, but only with the rise of mobile photography could I begin to take these pictures and learn and grow with them. Today everybody is a photographer. But I think that in order to be a good photographer, you have to work on your ideas.

Fill in the blank: “When I’m not shooting, I am…”

“…I am reading news, playing games on my phone, talking to friends, eating sushi, visiting comic stores, playing with my kids and learning how they see the world, dreaming of the past and future, thinking of my grandparents…”

Which professional photographers do you look up to, whether from afar or as mentors?

I love the photography of Richard Nachtweiy and Sebastião Salgado. I’m fascinated by the shocking beauty of their reality. When you travel the world, you will quickly realize that life is not like the suburbs, or the convenience of New York. Their works show us that mankind still has a long way to go to fight inequality, to give opportunity to everybody and to remove borders – mentally and physically.

When all is said and done, what is it about being a photographer that gets you up in the morning and drives your passion?

What gets me up in the morning are my kids! Photography is part of my life to enjoy these small special moments I capture. I can share my point of view with the world, even when it’s meaningless and just pure aesthetics. In the end I’m a graphic designer ;).

Photography Month wraps up today, but we will be back with a new theme on Monday, exclusively for ADC Members. Not yet a Member? Join today!