Philip Johnson: U.S. Election Cycle

All parties can agree: this election cycle feels abusive.

Today we’re exercising our right to vote. In preparation for the big day, we’re inviting you to taking a spin on the U.S. Election Cycle – an actual stationary bike, created by Phil Johnson, outfitted with rubber-hands that physically slap you with each revolution. “The key feature of the bike” explains Phil, “is the ‘Hi-5 Wheel,’ a pedal-powered pinwheel of awkward rubber hands meant to mimic the “sense of camaraderie and togetherness with your fellow countrymen that politics inspire.” Due to poor design, however, the hands end up slapping the rider in the face in perpetuity—the key image that represents the exhausting and often painful feelings felt witnessing this election year. Yes, this stationary bike with a few design tweaks captures all the feels of witnessing current American politics. Clunky, perplexing and slightly abusive are a few choice words. No matter what your party of choice may be, these are truths we can all agree on. They say exercise curbs (election) anxiety, and fortunately the U.S. Election Cycle is  for sale. American-flag-themed hot shorts unfortunately, not included.

“The hope is to create something that people, no matter the political ideology, can all agree on—say “Yeah,that’s exactly how I feel!”—and, hopefully, laugh at.


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About Phil:

Philip Johnson is a MidWestern-bred freelance graphic designer relocated to NYC. He has worked with the likes of the Google Creative Lab, Sagmeister & Walsh, Pepsi, Viacom, STORY, Red Antler, Armani Exchange and many truly fantastic people you might not know of just yet.

Additional Credits:

Design + Build Hero
Johnny Dwyer

Champion of Jokes + Ideas
Mike Lacher

Photo/Video Maven
Steven Stauffer

Concept + Build Wizard
Isaac Blankensmith