Overheard on the Streets: Mete Erdogan’s Eavesdropper Book

ADC Member's Instagram project gets published.

If you’ve been a regular on the ADC Blog, then you’ve probably heard about Mete Erdogan, the Melbourne-born, Brooklyn -based art director and ADC Member. And if you haven’t heard of him, perhaps you overheard him — he’s the creator of the Eavesdropper Project, where he takes clandestine conversations of New Yorkers and turns them into hand-lettering magic (you can read our interview with Mete about the project here.)

Some pieces are work are just too good to remain in your Instagram feed, and Mete is proud to announce that Eavesdropper is now available as a physical book!  Entitled Eavesdropper: Overheard on the Streets and published by Sterling, the book compiles 100 of the best entries, and its launch coincides with the 365-day end of the project.

“It’s actually fascinating to see the series come to life in physical book,” says Mete. “It’s so great to share it with people beyond the Instagram community. This series started as bunch of scrawls in my sketchbook, and it’s both bizarre and rewarding to see it become this beautifully produced book.”

So now that the project itself is coming to an end, what’s next for Mete? “My friends keep asking me what I’m going to do next,” he laughs. “As long as I keep hearing things around the city that inspire me, I’d love to continue. Plus it looks like people are enjoying it!”

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