1. Svbscription co-founders Andrew Apostola (L) and Marc Goldenfein. Photo by Mindo Cikanavicius

  2. Armchair Studio principals (L-R) Matt Bassett, Mark Ramel, Matthew Thornton. Photo by Mindo Cikanavicius

  3. Cici James, co-founder of Singularity&Co. during ADC Walks: DUMBO

  4. Guests design letterform's during TODA's ADC Walks presentation

  5. 1stAveMachine principals (L-R) Serge Patzak, Aaron Duffy, Sam Penfield, Arvind Palep. Photo by Mindo Cikanavicius

Operation: DUMBO Props

Brooklyn community shines during first ever ADC Walks

Last week, the ADC community stretched its collective legs and took a stroll through Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, kicking off the first ever ADC Walks. The goal of this new initiative is to literally open the doors of various digital shops, design firms and start ups, showcasing what they do, and ultimately encouraging collaboration and inspiration. The locations were varied, and so were the lessons to be learned, and all in all it was a tremendous success!

We tried to cover as many of the businesses involved in ADC Walks: DUMBO ahead of the event, but there were just so many! That said, it’s only fair that we give them a special shout out; they made ADC Walks possible — and fun too!


Svbscription’s latest parcel — VX: Business

Svbscription is luxury delivery service that connects members with products and experiences on the forefront of design. Together with brand partners and designers, they produce limited edition boxes and products curated around a theme. Their team works across editorial, product design, manufacturing and tech.

For any top-notch designer looking for a new avenue for their creations, it would do well to get on Svbscription’s radar.

Svbscription co-founder Marc Goldenfein gave us the goods on the company.

Describe your work culture in 140 characters.

“Relaxed, creative and open.”

What can visitors expect when come to your space?

A large open space with lots of big windows. It is a beautiful old building so we don’t have to do much to make it an inspiring creative work environment.

Tell us something that people might not know about your business.

The co-founders are Australians living in New York. Thick accents are guaranteed.

Armchair Studio

Armchair Studio — Butler Quality Yarns Corp.

Way on the other side of DUMBO, ADC Walkers had a chance to visit Armchair Studio, an agency self-described as “intimate service, deep knowledge, and damn good creative.” From web to mobile to print (DUMBO ain’t all apps and wearables!) Armchair creates visual stories with engaging content, told with a compelling voice. 

We spoke with Armchair Studio’s Matthew Thornton, Principal and Accounts Director, about what they’re all about.

Describe you work culture.

“We do our homework. We acquire insider competency prior to defining challenges and objectives. We consider our outside perspective and shoot for innovation, challenging industry conventions.”

What can visitors expect when come to your space?

“Booze. And we have a really fancy raised steel floor. Did we mention booze?”

Tell us something that people might not know about you business.

“Earlier this year, we were running an email campaign for a major textile client of ours about the importance of manufacturing in the US. Shortly after the campaign went out, the Wall Street Journal contacted a rather powerful Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Textiles for her reaction. We got an earful about how she was having to answer questions that she didn’t want to answer. We proved to our client that email campaigns actually can make a difference.”


Armchair Studio — P&G Visionhouse

A very special thanks to all of the businesses who opened up for ADC Walks: DUMBO. We couldn’t have done it without you!