Not Your Average Tour: ADC Opens Students’ Eyes to Integrated Agencies

With Portfolio Night 11 approaching, ADC likes to remind the industry how important students are to the future of Advertising and Design, as well as future masters of Art and Craft! On May 7th, the Education Team at ADC had the pleasure of connecting more students all the way from Philadelphia’s Temple University with the NYC office of iris Worldwide.

At 9.00 AM, Temple Advertising students were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the doors of New York iris Worldwide office located in the center of the bustling NoHo neighborhood. On the fifth floor of this stunning Robert Maynicke building, students were greeted by the friendly staff at iris and quickly swept up by tour leader New Business Director, Zeyd Rahman. Students not only learned about the five wittily-named glass conference rooms—Churchill, Tesla, Madonna, Hemingway and Dalí—but also they got to view a demure line mural, drawn by Shantell Martin.

Next, students were guided to a large conference space decked out with projection screen for an insightful presentation to learn about the iris team: who they are, what they do. During the presentation, members from each iris department (Strategy, Tech, Creative, Account and Producer) chatted with the students about how they got into advertising, what an average day in their positions was like, what they like best about working in advertising and what the most challenging aspect of working in advertising is.

ADC recorded some highlights from the presentation. Here are some pointers from the pros:

  • Rachael Nugent, Senior Account Manager, told us that handling is all about leadership, charm, wit, and getting your clients what they need to achieve their dreams!
  • Suzana Ognjanovic, Digital Producer, who works closely with Rachel, listed for necessities for advertising producing: 1. Being on point; 2. Consolidate and cooperate creatives; 3. Know what your client wants, and; 4. Foster a positive group setting.
  • Beth Ann Ingrassia, Junior Strategist, expanded on Reporting, Research and Strategy and shared two planning websites: Junior Strategy and Northern Planner.
  • Kevin Sheldon, Senior Interaction Designer, expounded on the grander idea behind user-technology relationship.
  • Santi Saucedo, Senior Creative, explained what his title even means!
  • Vanessa Maganza, Art Director, made sure that students knew to network and be nice.
  • Emily Canan, Community Manager, taught us how to respond skillfully to negative feedback on social networks.

Of course, after face-to-face introductions with top creative professionals in the advertising industry, Temple students questioned iris employees with real-life concern. Together, they found solutions for problems, such as “How does a creative separate personal social media accounts from ‘client-friendly’ accounts?” The consensus: make two aliases.

Finally, Creative Director, Tim Clarke exclusively discussed the concept of Urgent Genius with ADC. Urgent Genius is iris’s platform for creating topical content at speed as a news-hijacking tool, which the agency uses to develop creative campaigns in real-time. The folks at iris even offered to engage the students in an Urgent Genius workshop, to see what ideas their fresh minds could cook up.

(Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun and the students had to be on their way to visit Deutsch Inc. and Grey Worldwide, so we’ll have to save the workshop for next time!)

Interested in learning more about iris Worldwide? Check out their Agency Profile on IHAVEANIDEA or reach out to iris directly!

Our Director of Education, Brendan Watson loves to hear from students and schools all over the world. Get in touch with any questions or comments you may have about our educational programming.