Miriam Milord Takes the Cake

Brooklyn-based cake artist serves up a slice for the ADC 95th Annual Awards campaign

The ADC 95th Annual Awards are here! Yes, the Call for Entries for one of the oldest and most respected industry award shows in the world has been launched, with the help of BBDO New York‘s “Rare For A Reason” campaign, featuring beautifully designed ads which highlight just how uncommon it is to win a top honor. 

Now not everybody that BBDO tapped to participate in this year’s campaign is a renowned graphic designer or illustrator. For its “Prison” ad, they reached out to an accomplished local cake artist. We got a chance to chat with her about her involvement in the campaign.


mirammilordMIRIAM MILORD
Proprietor, BCake NY
Brooklyn, NY



There’s “baking” and then there’s the artistry behind creating beautiful looking cakes and other desserts that are (almost) too good to eat. Where did your interest in the former come from, and how did it evolve into the latter?

I worked for an art gallery for over eight years and I have an art & design degree. I have always loved creating both on the computer and with my hands, particulalry scuplture. I was planning a baby shower for a friend (first & last baby shower I ever planned, ha!) & didn’t have a cake budget so I youtubed & created one myself. My interest came from the artistic side first and was followed by the culinary.

What was your first big break as a cake artist? Did it come through, say a master giving an apprentice that one magical shot? Was it staking out on your own?

I’d would say that a baby shower cake that I made for Kourtney Kardashian was my first big break, as it was featured in a popular magazine. All of my cake skills are self taught with a lot of trial and a lot of error.


So BBDO came to you with this project. Walk us through your creative process with it.

I was really excited when BBDO approached us. They gave us pretty detailed instructions and I think we understood their vision immediately.

What did you think of the final product?

Of course I see imperfections that other people might not notice. But overall, I think it came out really great! The concept is awesome and we had a lot of fun with it.

What has been your favorite cake project to date? What made that job so fulflling?

There are so many. It’s hard to choose, but I think it would be the treats we donated to the children’s hospital. My team was very moved and humbled by the project. Although it may sound corny, it was seriously life changing.

The old “file baked into a cake” trope is pretty common in cartoons and comedies, but what’s the most unusual cake-related request you’ve received?

We loved making a dead armadillo for a client who was actually an armadillo hunter. Also, we were so excited when we were asked to hide a ring inside of a birthday cake for a proposal. There are many unusual requests everyday! That’s what makes the custom cake business fun and interesting, but, also difficult at the same time. Our slogan is “anything can BCake” so we are always up for a challenge!

The ADC 95th Annual Awards Call for Entries is now open.