Minneapolis wins PN12 City Vs. City Video Challenge

Carmichael Lynch, Hitler to bring home the gold

Portfolio Night 12 — ADC’s globe spanning advertising portfolio review — is now in the history books, but it took a page out of an actual history book for Carmichael Lynch to stand victorious in this year’s City Vs. City Video Challenge.

The goal was simple: every Portfolio Night City was invited to create a promo video for PN12 in their neck of the woods. We’d publish them all on the PN12 website and on Vimeo, and the video that received the most views come Portfolio Night won eternal bragging rights. Carmichael Lynch, the agency responsible for bringing Portfolio Night to Minneapolis for the very first time, stepped up with a tried and true (yet still very funny) spin on the Hitler Downfall meme, and in the end had more views than any other Portfolio Night video.

“A QR code is not an idea! A celebrity retweet is not an idea!”

Of course there were lots of other fantastic efforts from the other cities. McCann, host of both Portfolio Night 12 Johannesburg and Cape Town, created a slickly produced boxing theme that extended beyond the video and into the actual theme of the event itself. Montreal’s Tank demonstrated that you don’t have to ‘take out’ the competition to get your foot in the door, and Habetzefer Advertising School had creative directors of Tel Aviv reminisced about happier days when the fish were plentiful.

Missed out on all the others? Click below for the whole selection.

City vs. City Videos