1. "Wage Islands" by ADC Member Ekene Ijeoma

October is ADC Creative Technology Month

October is Creative Technology Month on the ADC Blog! This is where we will be highlighting the many ADC Members who are as much programmers and tech geeks as they are artists. Just like we’ve done in past months with Photography, Illustration, Typography and Motion, it’s time to get digital!

If you are a current ADC Member and your talents lie in the world of digital and creative technology, from web and app designers to interactive installation builders, we’d love to feature you! Whether you’re a professional or someone who just likes to experiment in their personal time, we hope you’ll help us share your story with the world.

To participate, please supply us with the following:


  • Your headshot
  • Name
  • Title (how you describe yourself; web designer, UX developer,technologist, mad scientist etc.)
  • Location (City/State/Country)
  • Website
  • Contact info (email/phone number/rep’s contact info if applicable)
  • Twitter handle (so we can share your feature with our extensive social media network)
  • Instagram handle (for the same reasons as Twitter)
  • Five samples of your work to go alongside your feature. Video files and embeddable links are welcome.


Additionally we would like you to answer the following questions:


  • When did your interest in technology begin? How did it grow into something you could see yourself doing professionally?
  • How much of your ability is self-taught versus through schooling?
  • How would you best describe your style? How did you foster that style?
  • Tools of the trade: what’s the most essential piece of hardware or software in your arsenal? Conversely, what is your techie guilty pleasure — something not at all necessary, but you love owning/using/working with?
  • Which project are you most proud of and why? (hopefully this will be one of your samples)
  • What’s the most challenging part of your career?
  • What’s the biggest misconception that people have about what you do?
  • How would you describe what you do to someone who has nothing to do with creativity?
  • Where do you go to find inspiration and motivation — online and offline?
  • Which professionals in your field do you most admire? What is it about their work that moves you?
  • What would be your dream project/client/collaborator?
  • At the end of the day, what do you love most about creative technology, about designing in a digital world?


Please send your submissions — or any questions you might have — to me, Brett McKenzie, at bmckenzie@adcglobal.org  ASAP. This feature will begin on Monday, October 5, 2015.