ADC Member to Member

ADC has been around for nearly a century, but it would be nothing without its robust community of ADC Members. Since 1920 we have been showcasing the work of our members, as well as helping members get to know each other better, fostering friendship and collaboration beyond the walls of the club.

With both of those goals in mind, we are excited to reintroduce the “Member to Member” feature to the ADC Blog, a first since our revamp in early 2014.

The concept behind “Member to Member” is simple: we pair ADC Members with similar creative interests with each other, and the two of them conduct an interview. The interview can be serious or cheeky, it can be about one of their career paths, it can be about the behind-the-scenes of a particular project, or even a discussion about a topic that is dear to both members.

The finished interview is then edited, transcribed, posted on the ADC Blog and shared with the world across our many social platforms. Of course this means public exposure for our members, but we also hope this opens the door to new friendships between the participants — and you never know where that will take you, creatively or professionally!

There’s a lot of leeway with how you create your story. It can be a sit-down Q&A, or it can be a fully fleshed out article. In either case, keep it between 700–1400 words (although it can be more or less if it’s truly interesting) and be sure to include lots of visuals, including your smiling headshots!

Interested in participating, either as an interviewer or interviewee? Please reach out to with information about yourself and your interests.