ADC & One Club Merger: Membership FAQs

After 40 years apart, ADC is merging once again with The One Club, forming The One Club for Creativity. It’s an exciting time for ADC Members, but it can also be a bit confusing. We’ve worked with our One Club colleagues to put together this helpful series of questions and answers so that you can better understand the new organization, and more importantly, your role within it.

How do I activate my new membership?

All ADC Members will receive an activation link in their email. Once you click on that link, the rest is easy – just update your new password and you’re good to go. If you missed that link in your email or didn’t receive one, please email Justin Epstein at and he will gladly help you out!

What is the difference between ADC and One Club membership levels?

Membership levels in the new club aren’t structured by age, as they are at ADC. Most ADC members are considered Regular Members, as this level encompasses most of our Professional and Young Professoinal ADC members. For those of you who were Young Professional at ADC, you should only renew at the Junior Professional level if you have graduated in the last three years. ADC’s Student Members can also register as Student under the new structure.

How long is my new One Club membership active for?

Your new membership will be active for the remainder of your current ADC membership. You can then renew through the One Club site when you are about to expire.

How do I renew my membership when it’s expiring?

Renew though the One Club site by clicking here. Note that you must have already activated your One Club account before you can renew your membership, so please click the activation link found in your email to avoid any missed email reminders.

I noticed that the new memberships come with a price increase. What’s up with that?

Yes, there is a small price increase with new memberships, but as an ADC Member, we are pleased to announce that your first renewal will be at current ADC membership prices. For instance, you’ll be able to renew your Regular Membership at the same price as your current Professional Membership. In most cases, this discount will be automatic, but if you find yourself not receiving it upon renewing, please contact Justin at at for any assistance.

Will I get a new membership card?

Yes! We are currently finalizing the new branding for The One Club for Creativity. As soon as that’s done, we will be issuing brand new cards to all ADC and One Club Members.

How does this merger affect the ADC and One Club communities?

We are bringing the two memberships together under a new Club, which means that your benefits and community size are both doubling. That translates to larger networking opportunities, a ramped-up events schedule, and an even broader and richer pool of talent to soak up.

Does this merger affect any of my current ADC benefits?

Nearly all of your current ADC benefits will remain intact. One popular ADC benefit — the Google Lounge co-working space — has been put on hold when we moved out of the ADC Gallery last November. Rest assured, we are on the hunt for an incredible new office and gallery to house the new One Club for Creativity, and a new and improved workspace for our card-carrying Members is high on our list of priorities!

In addition to your ADC benefits, you’ll now enjoy an expanded list that includes One Club Member benefits. Some highlights include discounts to various events and reciprocal benefits at more than 800 museums across the US and Canada. For more details on using this museum benefit before the all-new Membership cards are distributed, please contact Justin at

What about the Member’s directory?

All ADC Members may set up a new Member profile through the One Club site once you activate your membership. You’ll notice two big improvements over your ADC profile: you will be able to add portfolio images, and your profile will now be visible to the public.

Will be still have the opportunity to be featured on the new website?

We love sharing our members’ work on our website and our social media channels, and we plan on continuing that tradition under the One Club umbrella — and even letting One Club Members in on the action! Whether it’s part of our regular themed months, or you just have a new project to share, you can always send updates to and a member of our content team will get in touch.