• Curitiba, Brazil
  • ADC Ambassador

Celinha Camargos (Brazil)

Celinha is a very active person, she loves travel, music and art, and she loves to meet new people and explore different cultures more than anything else. Because of all these passions, she learned to speak several languages including English, Spanish, Italian and some French. And of course she speaks Portuguese.

Besides her work experience, she often organizes extra events and meetings as a freelancer, doing things like planning courses for companies, small shows/performances, parties and a music festival. All of this just to bring people together.

She has a degree in Advertising and she has studied Marketing and Corporate Communications as well. She started her career in 2005 in the Creation Club of Parana State, as an intern. She was there for 5 years working with the creative people and the main advertising agencies of Brazil.  She later advanced to the position of communication manager for the Club. Afterwards she worked in other creative companies and on projects like the Young Lions Brazil, and for a creativity school, where she was employed as the manager for 2 years. In December of 2013,  she decided to open her own creativity school: Redhook.