Meet the Jury: Philippe Meunier

Sid Lee co-founder and ADC Board Prez leads ADC 94th Annual Awards Advertising Jury

He’s the Canadian co-founder of one of the hottest creative shops in the world, he’s the new President of the ADC Board of Directors, and now he’s combining both roles as the Chair of the Advertising Jury for the ADC 94th Annual Awards.

We caught up with Sid Lee Creative Chief Philippe Meunier to find out what he has in store for this year’s judging, especially now that he also has a hand in shaping ADC as a whole.

As Chair of the Advertising Jury, you’re not just on a panel of great creative thinkers, you’re also leading that panel. What does that mean to you?

I was involved in helping to select the Jury, which meant choosing the right kinds of people, not just the ‘usual suspects’. We wanted other minds around the table, so speak. And so you’ll see that we didn’t just pick people with art directing or copywriting backgrounds. We have client-side people who are heavily into branding, we have designers and we have filmmakers.

“What’s common in all of the people we chose is that these people can see the beauty in a well-crafted idea.”

There are a lot of award shows out there, but only ADC truly celebrates the artistry, the craftsmanship of our field. Of course we will still be looking for great ideas and great campaigns, but at the same time this jury will be paying attention to the details of these ideas and campaigns, and what went into making them. We will be looking for the people behind the work that truly pushes this industry to be as beautiful as it can be.

We also tried to pick a jury made up of good people (laughs) We don’t want any egos getting in the way.

How are you going to corral all of these different disciplines? What are you going to tell your jury to look out for, since they all come from different backgrounds?

First they’ll need to look for great work, and that will come in the form of a great idea. But that’s just the greens fee. That’s the price of admission to even be considered.

After that, I will be steering my Jury to look for work that transforms the advertising industry. We might celebrate a great TV ad, but does it really transform the industry, taking it in a direction we want to go? We’re not just talking about campaigns now, but actions that brands are taking to change their industries.

“If you’re not embracing everything advertising can be, even within the traditional mediums, you’re not likely changing much.”


When I say ‘transform’ I mean embracing advertising in all-new forms, not just the traditional ones that came before you. Everything can be advertising, be it a guy jumping out of a space balloon from the edge of the stratosphere, or an action star doing the splits between two trucks. If you’re not embracing everything advertising can be, even within the traditional mediums, you’re not likely changing much.

Of course, as all things at ADC, my Jury will will also be looking at the caliber of craft. Craft is the difference between a Gold Cube, a Silver Cube and a Bronze Cube. Craft is what will earn you a Black Cube.

Big ideas, transformational ideas and beautifully crafted ideas. With those three pillars, my Jury will be ready.

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