Meet Mariam Guessous, New York Ambassador

A quick chat with the ADC After Darker

ADC Member Mariam Guessous has always gone above and beyond for the Club. Whether she’s in the gallery teaching our Executive Director how to make Moroccan tea, honing her craft at a workshop or sharing ideas as part of the newly formed membership committee, she’s become a fixture of the community.

And now, as the New York Ambassador, she’s behind the monthly, members-only ADC After Dark event that brings together the city’s happy hour-loving creatives together for a night of great drinks and better company. You can meet Mariam (and a bunch of other members) in person at this month’s meet up this Wednesday, July 23rd. Top secret location to be announced! Until then, read below what she loves about connecting with the ADC community and making some friends along the way.

At56XPPJ1DC: What have you enjoyed most about being an ADC Ambassador?

Mariam: I’ve enjoyed bringing members together and getting to meet all of them. I realized that behind every busy, creative New Yorker is a fun, genuine person. It’s always inspiring for me to meet the people behind the industry, hear their stories and exchange ideas and rants. Our industry is great, but it’s the individuals who really make it great. I love that ADC After Dark is low key and casual. It feels like we’re hanging out with friends, which I suspect is the case for many by now.

ADC: What’s been the most unexpected thing to come out of your interactions at ADC After Dark?

Mariam: I have been to enough events to know how awkward those first conversations can be. I have some stories about those and I’m sure anyone who’s ever been to a “networking” event has stories too. As the ambassador, I knew I had to walk around and meet people and that made me so nervous! I thought it would be awkward, but I quickly realized how nice and relatable everyone was. After all, we’re all there to have a drink and unwind after work, so it’s easy to meet people and get to know them. I made a bunch of friends already!

ADC: Why is it important to you to share your experience as a creative professional (through side projects like ADC After Dark and your Dear Brook Blog) rather than just keeping your head down and focusing solely on your own career?

Mariam: I’m a serial side project(er). I don’t think I can ever keep my head down and do one thing! Side projects are very important to me. I get to experiment, work with talented people and also give back. I met most of my close friends and work partners through either side projects or events like After Dark. As a creative, it’s really important to surround yourself with inspiring people; it’s really important to stay connected and keep creating. I get to do all that through my side projects.

 See you on Wednesday, Mariam! 

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