Marianna Fierro: Embrace Refugees

ADC Member's project teaches about "the long search for a new home"

The plight of refugees and border security were thrust into the global spotlight this past weekend, with President Trump’s signing of an executive order which barred several groups of people from entering the US, at least temporarily. With protests in the streets and confusion in the halls of various government agencies, the phrase “extreme vetting” as been bandied about, as a way of protecting citizenry.

But how much vetting do refugees looking to come to the US actually receive? Brooklyn-based designer and ADC Member Marianna Fierro just might have an answer for you. Marianna and her colleagues at Hyperakt have created an interactive guide that details exactly what it takes for a refugee to be admitted into the US, as part of an “Embrace Refugees” project commissioned by The Ad Council.


Marianna and her team interviewed refugees, spoke with resettlement agencies and officials at the State Department, and conducted secondary research in order to craft the story from the ground up. They discovered that candidates are evaluated for security risks and health issues on nine different levels, and the process takes about 18 to 24 months, with not all candidates being accepted.

Through an easy-to-digest chapter structure, split-screen design, bright colors, iconography, and vivid photography, the Hyperakt turned an otherwise dense and dry topic into a digital experience that informs and inspires.


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