Making A Splash: ADC Adventure Club Goes Whitewater Rafting

Since last September, the ADC Adventure Club has taken ADC members away from their computers, away from their desks — heck, away from the city — to bond and find inspiration in nature. And while the last few trips had been decidedly snowbound, this past weekend marked the first Adventure Club outing of the spring. With that in mind, our guides at Brooklyn Outfitters arranged for a day that would take advantage of the season, with its sunny skies and spring melt… whitewater rafting down the Lehigh River Gorge!

Our merry band of adventurers met at the ADC Gallery bright and early on Saturday morning. For most of us, this was to be our first rafting experience, and so that brought a lot of questions. “How wet will we get? How cold is the water at this time of year? How fun will this be?” The answer to all three questions ended up being “Very.”

After a two-hour drive, we ended up in the historic town of Jim Thorpe, PA – ‘Gateway to the Poconos’. We donned our wetsuits and lifejackets, packed our lunches into waterproof containers, and received a crash course (hopefully not too literally) on how to handle ourselves on the river.

The rapids of the Lehigh were graded Class III; not too dangerous, but wild enough to require lots of team coordination to keep the raft in the water and off of the rocks. Before we knew it, the ADC Adventure Club divided into groups and carried our rafts into the launch area.

Admittedly there was a bit of trepidation at first; we all had to wade into the icy river water in order to get our rafts into deep enough water to begin. But once we overcame the initial chill and realized that there was no way to avoid getting splashed about, we all got into the spirit and were soon careening down the Lehigh.

Creating a list of highlights from this particular ADC Adventure Club outing wouldn’t do the trip justice. For close to five hours we were deftly (and not so deftly) navigating our way through fast moving waters, working as a team to keep things moving smoothly. Whether we were powering through rapids, steering against the current or shifting our weight to dislodge ourselves from a hidden rock, every minute was filled with laughter and cheers of success. And during stretches when the river was calm, it was a perfect opportunity to relax and take in some breathtaking scenery, from the sheer rock walls that made up the river gorge to views of hawks and eagles soaring overhead.

At the end of the day, the adventurers reflected on the trip over beer and pizza. It was apparent from the conversations that this was perhaps the best ADC Adventure Club trip to date. And although the calendar is already booked through July, we’ll definitely be adding in some more aquatic adventures during the warmer months.

So what’s next for the ADC Adventure Club? On May 25 we’ll be taking advantage of the full moon and venturing out on a nighttime hike, complete with a campfire, s’mores and inspiring discussion. Register for this trip here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this trip will be the final adventure before the Grand Prize Drawing for an all-expense trip to the amazing Ka’ana Resort in Belize. The draw is open only to ADC members who have participated in three or more Adventure Club trips, so if you’ve only been on two since last September, this will be your last chance to qualify!