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Lucas Dupin: Useful to Society

Brazilian based ADC Member is a geek and proud of it

Welcome to Creative Technology Month here on the ADC Blog! Yes, as we’ve done with photographers, typographers and letterers, illustrators and animators, it’s now time to shine a light on ADC Members who toil with ones and zeroes, bringing things to life with a digital twist. From programmers to UX designers, to app developers to straight up code junkies, this month is dedicated to professionals — and very gifted amateurs — who find joy and beauty in a field that wasn’t even contemplated when ADC opened its doors 95 years ago. And just like all of our other monthly themes, our highlighted creatives are all card carrying ADC Members.

We’re kicking off the month with a São Paulo-based tech maven who believes that every project should be a dream project.

lucasdupinLUCAS DUPIN

Technology Aficionado
São Paulo, Brazil


When did your interest in technology begin? How did it grow into something you could see yourself doing professionally?

It started when I was 4 years old and saw my father playing Prince of Persia, I thought: Wow, this is so cool, how do people make it? And then I instantly fell in love with computers.

The best part was that I never looked at it as a job, it was something I used to do in my spare time since I was a kid and then I realized people would pay me for it!

How much of your ability is self-taught versus through schooling?

I have a Digital and Virtual Design degree, and it helped me a lot. It gave me my foundation. Either way, you can’t stand still when you work mainly with technology, everything changes in a couple of months.

How would you best describe your style? How did you foster that style?

I love to code, this is my main tool. And I love to code unusual things, like sensors and depth cameras, process images and add unexpected layers of data on top of everything. I would say my style keeps me from getting bored.

Tools of the trade: what items make your job a million times better? Types of pads, pens, tablets, programs etc.

Vim and a bunch of plugins. Yes, this makes me a geek!

Which project are you most proud of and why?

It would definitely be my opening videos for TED Rio. I had complete freedom to create, a great team and a brand that makes a real difference.

What’s the most challenging part of your career?

To keep updated with the latest technologies, you can NEVER stop.

What’s the biggest misconception that people have about what you do?

My family asks me to fix their computers!

How would you describe what you do to someone who has nothing to do with creativity?

It is not hard, I’d say that I create interactive experiences. Everybody gets it… don’t they?

“My offline motivation comes from nature’s patterns. Geometry is my passion.”

Where do you go to find inspiration and motivation — online and offline?

creativeapplications.net is great source unexpected things and XKCD makes geeks laugh, but I can’t stop reading osnews.com.

My offline motivation comes from nature’s patterns. Geometry is my passion.

Which professionals in your field do you most admire? What is it about their work that moves you?

Two companies: B-Reel and Unit9. Both have consistent work with maturity. I never expect anything unpolished coming from them.

What would be your dream project/client/collaborator?

I never think about that. I think it is better to make every project your dream project.

At the end of the day, what do you love most about creative technology, about designing in a digital world?

We can change people’s lives. We can build something to help children study, to teach them how to read, to make the city smarter, to help people exercise. This makes me feel useful to society.

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