Looks Good On Paper

This Thursday's ADC Paper Expo 2016 is the place for all things printable

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” Or at least a Christmas come early for those with a keen interest in printing, packaging and of course paper. Yes, it’s time once again for the ADC Paper Expo, where print aficionados descend upon the ADC Gallery to experience the latest in everything from coated and uncoated papers, to foil-stamping and embossing, to letterpressing and lenticular printing, to packaging for both everyday and luxury goods. Trust us, the frenzy is like a comic-con minus the cosplay.

But Paper Expo 2016 isn’t only exciting for the attendees. The nearly two dozen suppliers and vendors involved in this year’s event are also eager to show off their products and talent. We reached out to a number of this year’s participants to find out what they’re looking forward to this Thursday.



“​If we were to narrow down to the single most important exhibition we do at highresolution, it is clearly the ADC Paper Expo. What a great way for our audience to see new papers, the most progressive ​​printing techniques and get an overall industry education. It’s good for all your senses and greatly inspirational!”

David Drucker​


“What better place to be than in NYC with some of the worlds top designers and artist who love to Do it on YUPO!”

Bill Hewitt
Marketing Manager
Yupo Synthetic Paper


“We are excited to see the latest paper samples and to show how paper combined with engraving, foil stamping, letterpress, embossing, offset, and thermography enhance a printed piece.”

Sheila Donnelly
VP, Specialty Printing & Brand Management
Precise Continental


“We like to share knowledge and ideas on the environment, recycling, paper usage and any other related topics. Come and see us at our booth, we’d like to chat with you! Do you know what is your #PaperPersonality? You will be able to discover it quickly at our booth.”

Dave Elovich
Territory Manager
Rolland Enterprises


“We love attending the ADC Paper Expo! It is a great way to communicate with top designers and discover the latest trends, whether it’s color, print processes or paper texture. The attendees inspire us to discover new and innovative ways to use and even promote our products.”

Paige Clark
Marketing Communication Coordinator
Legion Paper


“We love being a part of the ADC Paper Expo and look forward to it each year. It always feels like more than “just” a paper show – it’s a party, a community, a time to reconnect with friends, clients and vendors, and a great way to bring new creative forces together.”

Kat Feuerstein
Gilah Press + Design

“Circle Press is under construction! We’re thrilled to connect with the paper and creative communities to explore the next phase of this 42-year old printing institution. We’ll be sharing improvements to our company, and announce how this next phase will enhance the printing process. We’re excited most about exchanging ideas on how we can help bring everyones’ vision to life with paper and ink.”

Paul Roer
Circle Press


“We look forward to supporting the ADC Paper Expo year after year. Having the opportunity to see and learn about the latest innovations, and meeting face-to-face with industry leaders in a casual and fun environment, makes this event the one you don’t want to miss. The excitement that attendees experience when they see our letterpress in action is always unforgettable. We appreciate taking part in an event that serves to reinforce the visual component and tactile experience of print design.”

Maria D. Madera
Vice President. Sales
Aldine Inc.


“The Paper Expo is always a blast! It flows more like an open studio than a stuffy trade show. Designers, printers, artists and paper aficionados come together for a night to celebrate the primary tools that fuel our craft. So often we don’t see the end use of our papers, I try to utilize the evening as a learning experience. It’s inspiring to meet with other creatives, learn about their methods and see the full journey of our papers.”

Darcy Smyth
Creative Director/Account Representative
Reich Paper


“We are super excited to help facilitate the connection between creatives and manufacturers in the spirit of letterpress + paper + design. In our experience magic happens when these three elements happen simultaneously. That’s how it’s played out at every ADC Paper Expo. Add bourbon and chocolate into the mix from our friends at WIDOW JANE and Cacao Prieto and who knows what sweet things might happen?!!! We are expecting a positive group of people vibing with similar interests to have some fun and be inspired. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Lee Zuniss
President & Founder
Piggyback Letterpress


“Neenah is excited to participate in the 2016 ADC Paper Expo! This will be our 10th year participating. It is always fun to be able to catch up with paper and print lovers and show off our beautiful printed promotions. It is a great way to get creatively inspired in a relaxed atmosphere. It is THE place to be for what’s hot in paper and print in New York City.”

Holly Kirby
Account Executive
Neenah Paper and Packaging


“We are excited to be exhibiting at ADC Paper Expo 2016. We look forward to visiting with many old friends and introducing new friends to our unique offering of interactive print marketing.”

Ethan Goller
Structural Graphics

“The night is all about materials! What’s more important than how it feels in the hand? When you’re attracted to a piece because of the look, the feel of it and pick it up, that’s half the war. Getting the piece into the hand begins the process of communicating with the consumer. Content is critical but winning the first battle is getting the piece noticed, touched and picked up. Success comes form smart, unique, & sustainable material choices. This show demonstrates all that can be possible! ADC Paper Expo is the best event about paper all year! Don’t miss out!”

William Abrams
Vice President
Green Earth Enterprise


“As proud, self-proclaimed “Stationery Junkies”, our entire team looks forward to the ADC Paper Expo every year (it’s like Christmas, for us paper-nerds). The opportunity to to chat, connect with our audience and learn more about their ever-changing needs and wants is invaluable. We’re so excited to introduce some of our newest product offerings, printing capabilities and of course, exclusively premier the latest addition of our swatchbooks! (Don’t forget to come grab a free one!) Keep it Real!”

Whitney Grekin
Marketing Manager


“Thanks to the ADC for inviting us to The Paper Expo! We are excited to see the rock stars of the industry. This event provides a platform to mingle, create new business relationships and show all we have to offer. Along with great dialog we will debut our new Creative Spotlight. We are eager to unveil this at such a major venue. Bring your genuine curiosity and a passion for some high-profile visibility. Be sure to stop by to learn and be inspired. See you there!”

Eloise Martinez
VP of Business Development & Marketing
Kirkwood Printing


“As a luxury packaging manufacturer, there is nothing greater than being in the same room for one evening with people who appreciate the value and beauty in what it is we do.  Instead of the inevitable question “what does this cost?” we will be surrounded with those who know there is always a cost associated with anything, but costs don’t exist on this evening as the sole purpose is the art and craft of print design.”

Michael De Carvalho
VP of Sales & Marketing
Direct Source Packaging

ADC Paper Expo 2016 takes place this Thursday, May 26, 5:30–8:30 PM at the ADC Gallery. Tickets are $10.00 each for ADC Members, as well as for friends at APC, TDC, SPD, and the Society of Illustrators. Non-Members tickets are $25.00 each