Looking for a Poodle in a Haystack? We got you.

It’s not always easy for art buyers, art directors and creatives to find just the right image for a project or campaign. Nor is it easy to find the budget that will afford just the right image to inspire an action, connect with a brand, or communicate the proper emotion to your audience.

But just the right image is out there.

As a professional photographer, it’s not always easy to find just the right audience to purchase all of the photo gold saved up in the wealth of your hard drive. You travel the world, capturing gorgeous scenery, interesting people, human moments that cannot be replicated, and odd cultural intricacies, and then build up a database of, well, just the right images that might not see the light of day unless you find just the right audience.

But just the right audience is out there.

That’s why ADC has partnered up with ImageBrief, a new startup that has recently moved from the land down under to New York City to connect just the right audience with just the right images. As we see it; an opportunity for our professional photography members to apply to network their collections, and an opportunity for our creative members to source photos.

How exactly does ImageBrief work? Check this out:

Art Directors and creatives can post a brief with a detailed description of what type of image they are looking for, and photographers from all around the world respond with exact match entries that are curated by ImageBrief’s team of photo editors. ImageBrief has a participating team of more than 4,500 professional photographers already approved to submit images. (P.S. Are you a professional photographer interested in joining their force? Learn more here. As ImageBrief says, “sell your work, not your soul.”). This gives art directors and creatives who don’t have the time to search a database themselves a new option in imagery to specific their need, budget and timeline, and then sit back to wait for just the right image to come back to them.

You will soon see more about potential briefs and the photographers who work with ImageBrief—many of whom you may already know! With our new website on the way in late fall, ADC is looking forward to its official launch party which will be co-hosted in association with ImageBrief.

ImageBrief Account Director Ed Burrows will also be present at various ADC events (including the Hall of Fame Benefit Gala tomorrow evening), and as a new resident of NYC, Ed needs a few new friends. So say hello, try not to make fun of his Australian accent if you see him (or ladies, try not to swoon too obviously) and ask him more in person. You can also always send Ed a note to find out more sooner (or offer to be one of his new friends) at ed@imagebrief.com.