Lindsay Ballant Redesigns Foreign Policy

ADC Young Guns 7 winner brings political magazine into the future

Several weeks ago, we featured an exciting collaboration between ADC Young Guns 7 winner Lindsay Ballant and YG5 winners WeShouldDoItAll — an engaging microsite for Foreign Policy, where Lindsay serves as creative director.  This time around, Lindsay has stepped her game up, with a complete redesign of the entire news and politics magazine.

The latest issue, which Lindsay put together alongside designer Margaret Swart, follows a simple mission: what does Foreign Policy of the future look like? And right off the bat we begin with a stark cover created by another ADC Young Guns winner Mike McQuade (YG9). The lack of any text on the cover marks a new direction for the publication.

Each issue now has three distinct sections, announced by openers, or single-page splash pages: “Sightlines”, which gives a quick read to a variety of issues using easy-to-digest formats such as
infographics, brief explainers and conversational writing. The feature section will have
a theme every issue, and will be introduced by a brief editor’s note to give context.
“Observation Deck”, the back of book section, is where you’ll find opinion and analysis from a variety of vantage points.