LEMZ lures predators with “Sweetie”

Tomorrow Awards winner uses a 3D rendered child to catch webcam sex tourists

We are exactly one week away from the ADC Tomorrow Awards deadline! All entries must be submitted by Friday, February 20, so gather up all of your groundbreaking ideas and hurry!

One of the many unique things about the Tomorrow Awards is that the Monster Judges don’t just select the winners, they also explain what made those entries stand above all others. This way, we can all learn the lessons behind these trailblazing winners and employ those lessons in our own work.

This week, we’ve been showcasing all five winners of the 2014 Tomorrow Awards, and we are closing off the week with the entry that the Monster Judges were in most agreement about. Amsterdam-based agency LEMZ led a team of creative and tech superstars in creating “Sweetie” for Terre des Hommes. “Sweetie” is a lifelike yet completely artificial 10-year-old girl, designed to fool consumers of online child sex predators into providing enough information about themselves for law enforcement to arrest them.

Beyond being an extremely worthy cause, “Sweetie” also attracted the Monster Judges’ attention for the other potential uses of the technology.

Title: Sweetie
Client: Terre des Hommes
Agency: LEMZ
3D Artist: Mao Lin Liao
Animator: Michiel van Iperen
Digital Production Companies: Code d’Azur, MediaMonks
Production Company: Tetteroo Media
Animation: Eyehear, JDBgraphics
3D Animation: Brekel 3D, Motek Entertainment
Set Design: Brouhaha
Post Production: STORM Post Production
Sound Design: Soundcircus, Studio De Keuken
Country: The Netherlands