Leif Parsons Show Opens Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, The Wild Project presents He looked at her, She looked at it, It looked back, an installation of works on paper by Leif Parsons (YG5 winner). Parsons follows a simple set of rules when drawing: “If one is interested, concentrated, and unafraid then it is hard to make a bad mark. If I falter in any one of these things then I stop drawing.” It is this whimsy and spontaneity of arrangements that gives the work a sense of associative narrative. One gesture feeds the next until a loosely constructed story has arisen. Parsons’ free-form work and flattened perspectives, represents his fascination with drawing and sculpture. Inspired by Philip Guston and Saul Steinberg, the fragmented figures and forms in Parsons’ work collide with one another accessing moments of clarity and spontaneity.

Opening Fri Feb 20th / 7-10
Up until march 21st

Wild project
195 East 3rd Street (between A & B)