Kelli Miller: Breaking The (Gender) Norm

ADC Member gets "Gender Bent" for MTV's Look Different project

What happens when an ever-so-zany brand like MTV asks you to take a shot at shaking up public perceptions about gender? If you’re Brooklyn-based ADC Member Kelli Miller — Co-Founder of And/Or Studio and one of the minds behind the opening credits for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver — you swing for the fences to fuse the ridiculous and the sublime.

“MTV came to us to pitch ideas for second year of their “Look Different” campaign, which is focused on gender bias,” explains Kelli. “Being MTV, they were looking for edgy, humor-driven concepts, which fits our sensibility really well. As feminists and creative thinkers, it felt like a dream project, and we pitched a ton of funny and weird ideas around bringing awareness to issues like feminism, gender norms and masculinity.”

After a number of iterations, the idea that won out was “Gender Bent”, a series of three short videos that go back in history to bust gender myths such as “Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys,” “Men Don’t Cry,” and “Boys are Better at Math and Science,” Each video ends with an irreverent twist that imagines the world differently and shows how ridiculous gender assumptions can be.

“As a young studio, we felt very lucky to have landed a project that checked all of the boxes for us – clever copy, bold design, and following the project through from concept to production,” Kelli continues. “Kendra Eash wrote the scripts, I led a team of three bad-ass women (and one very nice guy!) in designing and animating the spots, and the MTV team we worked with was super collaborative and complimentary. They trusted our vision, and really let us take the reins, which, as we all know, can be …er… rare in this industry. All in all, we’re thrilled with how the project turned out!”

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And/Or Team
Kelli Miller: Creative Director, Design
Kendra Eash: Creative Director, Copy
Mike Sullo: Executive Producer
Erin Kilkenny: Art Director, Animation
Tammy Hahn: Design, Animation
Olga Povarchuk: Design, Animation
Dmitry Morozov: Animation

MTV Team
Casey Acierno: Sr. Manager Public Affairs
Jessica Borovay: VP Brand Creative
Jessica Ameri: Sr. Project Manager
Dzifa Yador: Project Manager
Sierra Wingate-Bey: Digital Strategy Coordinator Public Affairs

Justine Bunis: Campaign Coordinator Public Affairs
Noopur Agarwal: VP Public Affairs

Ronnie Cho: VP Public Affairs
Andrei Chahine: VP Creative Director