karlssonwilker for Vitra

karlssonwilker inc: ID Chair Concept for Vitra AG

The team at karlssonwilker inc. (including Young Guns Nicole Jacek – YG8 and Hjalti Karlsson – YG3) designed and produced Vitra’s branding for Antonio Citterio’s ID Chair Concept. The ID Chair Concept is a radical departure from standardized office chairs and delivers limitless configurations and customizable options. The campaign is based on a universe of identities‚ with three main animations, Rollercoaster, Space and Cruise, as the basis for the creative. Applications include animations, a microsite/chair configurator, catalogs, online/print advertisements, store/trade show displays, and various product support films/material.

Credits:Nicole Jacek (art direction & design), Hjalti Karlsson (art direction), Catarina Carreiras and Julius Terlinden (design), Wardenclyffe (programming chair configurator and microsite), Sandra Ferreira and Baldur Helgasson (animation & retouching), Goodbye Limits (3D renderings & animation), Nrecaj Bewegte Bilder (photography), GZD and Netzwerk P (print production), Elisabeth Smolarz and Aline Stieger (photography)

Vitra Roller coaster from karlssonwilker on Vimeo.

Vitra Space from karlssonwilker on Vimeo.

Vitra Cruise from karlssonwilker on Vimeo.

ID-Chair Website from karlssonwilker on Vimeo.

karlssonwilker inc: Under Construction installation for Vitra Inc.

Vitra’s NYC showroom stayed open during its renovation, which meant the omnipresent dust and noise had to be incorporated. (Dust was left to accumulate during the course of the installation’s six week’s period; cleaning was limited to walking areas.) Karlssonwilker designed a temporary showroom installation utilizing items commonly found on construction sites, like cardboard, bright lights, ear plugs, neon patterns, and caution signs.

Nicole Jacek (art direction), Catarina Carreiras and Aline Stieger (design), Sandra Ferreira (animation), Eleni Savvidou (lighting design), Elisabeth Smolarz and Jerry Rotello (photography)

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