1. Still from Invisible Darkness, directed and animated by ADC Member Jun Cen.

July is ADC Motion & Animation Month

ADC’s Motion and Animation Month is back! While motion graphics mavens and animation aces make up a smaller section of the ADC community than, say designers or illustrators, they’re still a thriving group of amazing people. And with technology making the art form more accessible than ever, we can only imagine just how much this group will grow.

2016 has already seen Illustration MonthPhotography Month and we just wrapped up a two-month stretch of Typography and Lettering. We are very excited to bring back Motion and Animation as a feature, especially after seeing so many incredible ADC Members from these fields who submitted to ADC Young Guns 2016. Whether you’re a veteran animator who cut her teeth on cel drawings, an upstart motion artist who dreams in After Effects, or a designer who is learning to add animation to his repertoire, we’d love to feature you, your work and your personal story on the ADC Blog and across our social media channels.

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Here’s what we’ll need from you:


      • Your headshot
      • Name
      • Title
      • Location (City/State/Country)
      • Website
      • Contact info you’d like published (email/phone number/rep’s contact info if applicable)
      • Twitter handle (so we can share your feature with our extensive social media network)
      • Instagram handle (for the same reasons as Twitter)
      • 8–12 samples of your work to go alongside your feature (optimized for web) GIFs and embeddable video links are welcome



Then, just answer the following:


      • Of course most people were first exposed to animation from after school and Saturday morning cartoons, but what’s your earliest memory of being interested in motion and animation as something that people actually made?
      • Did you study formally, or were you consider yourself more self-taught? What were some of the earliest lessons you learned about the art form?
      • How would you best describe your style in a sentence? Do you fight against having a telltale style, or do you embrace it as your brand?
      • What was your first big break, where this truly went from being an interest or pursuit to being an actual job?
      • Do you remember some of your early work? Comparing it to your latest work, the kind of projects you do now, what is the biggest change you’ve noticed? What about your work or your process has remained the same?
      • Sell yourself and your style by completing the following sentence: “Clients and collaborators should come to me when they’re looking for…” Feel free to elaborate!
      • Are you freelancer or are you part of a regular team? What do you consider to be the biggest pros and cons of your situation?
      • Secret weapon: what’s your favorite tool in your arsenal (pen and paper? Program? Plug-in?) and why do you love it so much?
      • Snapshot! Take a photo of your desk/work set-up. Why do you suppose you have things just so?
      • Do you experiment with software/tools/techniques, or do you tend to stick with what you know? — and why?
      • Of all the projects you’ve worked on, which one are you most proud of? Tell us about the project, and why it holds such a special place in your heart? (and please, include this project among your submissions!)
      • Motion and animation is often accompanied by sound or music. How do you approach working with audio elements? Do they help form your visuals? Are you listening to them throughout? How involved are you in this part of the process?
      • Where do you go to get a much needed creative jolt, whether online or in the real world?
      • What’s the biggest misconception people have about what you do?
      • What’s the last project you did for yourself, as opposed to for a client or a job? What do personal projects mean to you and your craft?
      • Which of your peers, the people in your orbit, are making work that you are digging right now? What about them do you like?
      • What’s your favorite part of the entire creative process of motion and animation?


Please send your submissions — or any questions you might have — to Brett McKenzie, ADC’s Content Manager, at bmckenzie@adcglobal.org

Don’t procrastinate too long — Motion & Animation Month starts on Tuesday, July 5!