Jeremy Leung: Liberal “HOPE”

ADC Member illustrates the Canadian "Liberal dream machine"

Last week Monday, our Canadian friends held their 42nd federal election, where the Liberal party, led by Justin Trudeau, the handsome young son of legendary past prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, ousted Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s Conservative government after a nearly decade-long reign.

The Globe & Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers, ran a feature over the weekend about what Trudeau’s victory means, highlighted by artwork from Toronto-based illustrator, visual designer and ADC Member Jeremy Leung.

“This is the dawn of a new season in Canadian politics;,” explains Jeremy. “After nearly ten years of top-down leadership by the oft-questionable Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party, Canadians have elected a new Prime Minister in the highest voter-turn out in decades. This time we have a Liberal majority, in terms of representatives in the House of Commons, and morale is slowly beginning to improve, particularly among the public service employees, individuals who’ve been alienated by Harper’s approach to politics.

“My illustration depicts this sense of hope by depicting the Parliament buildings in a typographic expression and highlights the fresh perspective that Justin Trudeau will bring into a governmental machine that is in need of revitalization.”

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