Jackie Benz: Winner of the Pocketography Challenge

Meet Jackie Benz! One of the 300 attendees of the ADC 92nd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design, and winner of the Pocketography Challenge presented by Pantone and iStockphoto. Below, Jackie is pictured participating in this mobile photography workshop at the Festival in Miami Beach on April 2.

iStockphoto Director of Creative Content Andrew “Dizz” Delaney (below) walked the audience through the ins and outs of mobile photography, and how to create art using that little device that’s right in your pocket.

Dizz presented a challenge: take a mobile photo featuring a defined Pantone Color of the Day. Jackie was up to the challenge from the start.

She took some awesome photos throughout the week. (Below: Pantone Blue 7686C)

(Below: Pantone Green 7489C)

But Pantone Yellow 116C was the photo that won Jackie the grand prize: a 3D printer courtesy of iStockphoto (along with some sweet Pantone swag).

Here’s her winning photo:

Congratulations Jackie!

We all learned a lot from Dizz about how to make mobile magic using a few classic tricks of the photography trade. Below are some highlights from the workshop, as visualized by InkFactory (click to enlarge). Special thanks to iStockphoto and Pantone for hosting such an inspiring challenge!