Ivan Cash: The Passenger Project

An ADC Member makes flying during the Holidays an uplifting experience.

You know how this goes. Long lines, inclement weather delays, crying children, standby. Don’t even mention our lost luggage full of would-be holiday presents for our loved ones. We all have nightmare travel stories when it’s most pertinent that we try and get home for a few days out of the year. The Passenger Project is a participatory art and social experiment, created by ADC Member Ivan Cash, to bring more connection to the flying experience. 

The Passenger Project from Ivan Cash on Vimeo.
Logo design: Erin Ellis

I hope this film inspires people to connect with a stranger during their Holiday travel.


“I went to an amazing New Mexico wedding a couple of years back, where all of the different guests got along so well. Looking around on my flight home, I knew that the potential to have a similar experience with my fellow passengers, all be them strangers, must exist. I created The Passenger Project as a solution to bring about simple, low barrier interactions amongst strangers. At the beginning of each flight, I’ll pass a custom survey around and include my seat number so folks know who to return it to.”


Each page is created by a unique group of passengers aboard a flight. Sometimes it gets back to me, sometimes it gets lost, Other times the person next to me doesn’t want to participate. And all of these outcomes are fine, that’s the nature of any experiment!  During this time of both global and national divisiveness, my hope is to inspire more people to connect with the stranger sitting next to them. Especially during Holiday travel (which can be crazy and stressful), it’s more important than ever to extend open, warm dispositions to the living, breathing, equally as human being sitting next to us.”