Ivan Cash: Snail Mail My Email

Lovingly handwritten letters, sent to your person of choice

When was the last time you received a paper letter in the mail, that wasn’t like, a ConEd bill? A note from someone you actually loved, or who at least liked you enough to send a carefully selected envelope, with a sweet message for your eyes only. If you’re the type of person who loves a personal delivery (and no, we don’t mean pizza, although we do love pizza), then you’ll be happy to know that the annual Snail Mail My Email project – headed up by the one and only Ivan Cash – is here! Although a bit sadly, in its sixth and final year. Over 1,500 volunteers have artistically interpreted and collectively sent 26,650 letters across the world since the project began in 2011. Starting today, from November 7-11, a global network of volunteer artists will lovingly handwrite your email into a letter, and mail it to your preferred recipient (a grandparent, secret crush, presidential candidate, etc.) anyone, anywhere in the world, for free! Peep some gorgeous examples below and send a letter, this week only: SnailMailMyEmail.org

smme-letter-6 smme-letter-8 smme-letter-9 smme-letter-2 smme-letter-3 smme-letter-1