Ivan Cash: #PrivacyProject

Young Guns X winner draws attention to app permissions

Whenever you download a new app for your phone, do you actually read the terms and conditions, or are you the type who simply clicks “Allow” as soon as that button pops up?

San Francisco-based designer, new media artist and ADC Young Guns X winner Ivan Cash — who is no stranger to getting strangers to experiment with their smartphones — is at it again, hitting the streets and asking people to read the permissions of the apps they use out loud, to get them to really absorb what it is they are agreeing to whenever they do click “Allow”.

The project was commissioned by Silent Circle, a private communications company.

Production Company: Cash Studios
Director & Editor: Ivan Cash
Director of Photography: Brian Frank
Producer: Kacey Hart
Composer: Evan Shornstein
Copywriter: Jake Reilly
Color Grader: Ayumi Ashley
Audio Post-Production: Juan Abel Elias

Client: Silent Circle / Blackphone
Agency: Chapter, SF
Design Lead: Stephen Bardwell
Copywriter: Steven Tornello
Co-founder: Gareth Kay
Co-founder: Neil Robinson
Co-founder: Brandon Kaplan