Ivan Cash: Photay “Monday”

ADC Young Guns X winner shakes off the beginning of the week blahs

Mondays are the worst, amirite? The whole having to come in to work thing — after what was a pretty decent weekend — really needs to be outlawed. But unless you’re Jim Davis, you can’t make anything out of hating Mondays, and so it’s best to just embrace the day. And that’s exactly what San Francisco-based filmmaker, interactive artist and ADC Young Guns X winner Ivan Cash has done with this video he directed for Brooklyn-based electronic musician Photay.

“A woman’s dreary routine turns into a surreal mixture of movement-based public performance, inspired by a chance encounter on her commute.”

“The concept of this film was to really take routine and disrupt it,” says Ivan, a guy who is no stranger to disruptive projects. “I think reality is malleable, and I think that’s the most powerful thing that we as humans can understand. A lot of my work revolves around the theme of breaking preconceived notions, being able to have someone come in, experience something, and then change their mind, hopefully feeling more empowered and autonomous.”

Photay – “Monday” / Astro Nautico Label

Directed by Ivan Cash
Produced by Sprinkle Lab
Featuring Dancer/Choreographer Ashley Roby
Director of Photography: Keenan Newman
Producers: Rachel Barth & Ashley Roby
Production Manager: Nick Castillo
Editor: Blake Bogosian / Beast Editorial
Assistant Camera: Jeremy Wong
DIT: Brandon Tauszik
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley / Mission Film & Design
Sound Design: Joel Raabe / Mission Film & Design
PA: Martin Risberg, Max Claus, Michael Reiner, Andrea Lacorazza
Security: Ryan McCarthy
Vehicle Driver: Hajaj Alshammari
Featuring TURF dancers: Johnny ‘Johnny5’ Lopez, Levi ‘Idummy’ Allen, Brandon ‘SlowMotion’