It’s Raining GIFs and Animation: Get your Umbrella!

We talk with Miklós Kázmér, Head of Development and Partner at Umbrella, about how he went from filming events and weddings to producing award-winning animation. Umbrella precedes the industry standard with state-of-the-art GIF technology and novel twists on tricks of the trade. Miklós tells us that Umbrella exceeds his expectations, each year, by producing a new personal favorite and videos that he is proud of.

ADC: Congratulations on the Vimeo Staff Pick, Adrian Sieber’s “Round Round Song” music video. Could you describe the project?

Miklós Kázmér: We did also the post production part of it. We co-produced the music video with Barcelona based production company, Toma78 and director Danila who lives there now.

The major part was done by the Spanish crew on the production side, and Danila was basically the concept and creator behind. The song was “Round and Round,” so it’s amalgamates very technical, Internet gifs, animated gifs into a piece of art. We created all of the animated gifs.

Winner of the grand prize at the KAFF animation festival + Screened at the Butter event and won a Merit Award for animation at ADC Annual Awards of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design

ADC: How did you get started in the creative industry?

Miklós: I finished business school in Budapest in marketing and advertising. After a five-month internship in Budapest, I started the business with one of my classmates from college. We started from very little and did all types of videos, from event to wedding videos. We started working for small BTL production, doing info graphics, little animations, logo designs and so on. Our business just evolved, and we started incountering more and more people and more designers and more artists—and boom we are here.

ADC: That’s brilliant! What’s your “job description” now?

Miklós: I’m one of the producers at Umbrella. I focus on new business, hunting for new talent, and our evolving into a better company. Also, I help develop all of the ideas and, hopefully, add new perspectives my team.

For instance, if there were a live action script, I might suggest that we do a stop motion live action mix of production instead of just going with the usual. It’s going to get extra styling; it’s going to have a special look, and so on. We look at a project or problem from different angles. My part is to find new ideas for solutions.

ADC: Where do you derive your inspiration?

Miklós: That is a hard question! Well, old movies. I really like the old school film tricks that they used. Music videos for sure. Newspaper articles. Facebook is also very good because friends always post the newest stuff and interesting or inspiring video, animation or other content.

Vimeo. You can find really, really talented kids from all over the world. They are posting their short videos and their work. If you have time to watch them grow, you can find really nice designers and artists from all over the world.

I think that the most inspiration comes from the Internet itself and the channels from that.

ADC: What do you hope to achieve in the creative industry in the next year?

Miklós: In the next year, I hope that I will be able to create more content that actually gives something to the people and is not just for a laugh, or a tear, or disgust. I like documentaries or feature films or shots where you have emotion and experience or knowledge that you provide to the audience. For example, maybe we will blend commercial and documentary.

Shortlisted at Tomorrow Awards

ADC: We think that you can do that! Any advice for the young creative in the ADC Community?

Miklós: Hard work will get the success. Nobody can expect to win immediately, but you should put the effort into it and don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new things and risk and new ideas and going off the taken path and thinking outside the box.

“Thinking outside of the box” is so common nowadays. Everybody says that, but I actually mean that. Try to find anything that is different. Fail 99% of the time to truly succeed that 1%.

I think that the most important things are being confident in your ability and not being afraid of losing and failing, once or twice.

What’s next? Besides Umbrella’s embarking on two very interesting music videos, the agency is currently working on the main title animation of a US feature and (will be released next year) on animation sequences of a Norwegian coproduction. Stay apprised of Umbrella’s progress via facebook or Twitter!