InspirADCion: Chermayeff, Wilkinson now On Demand

The latest in ADC's documentary series is now available to the public

Earlier this week, the ADC Gallery played host to the grand premiere of InspirADCion: Ivan Chermayeff and InspirADCion: Clive Wilkinson, the two latest additions to ADC’s acclaimed documentary series.

For those fortunate to be there in person, not only did they experience both films, they also enjoyed an insightful live Q&A with Ivan — legendary designer and ADC Hall of Fame laureate — and Clive — world renowned architect and designer of many creative spaces.

“When you have no fear of failure, your desire to experiment is uninhibited.”
— Clive Wilkinson

“It’s more work to accurately describe a problem than it is to solve a problem.”
— Ivan Chermayeff

For the rest of you, while you missed out on a spirited evening, the good news is that both InspirADCion: Ivan Chermayeff and InspirADCion Clive Wilkinson are now available on Vimeo on Demand! Support ADC and your own sense of discovery by purchasing both of these short docs, as well as the previously released InspirADCion: Lee Clow, today!