Illustrator of the Day: Jacob Lee Hilado

ADC Member's work is "lovely, romantic, and intricate"

Another November day, another featured illustrator on the ADC Blog! Illustration Month cruises along here at ADC, as we continue our ADC Illustrator of the Day series. Some are professionals, some are students, and some just draw for fun.

Our next ADC Member is a young artist born and raised in the Philippines but now calls New York home.



Bronx, NY, USA


Almost every kid likes to draw. When did it become more than just a kindergarten project for you? How was that interest nurtured?

After I finished school and began work as an instrumentation technician, I was not happy with my accomplishments. After learning about graphic design, I figured out where my heart and mind were going to take for my rest of my career.

How much of your ability is self-taught versus through schooling?

My school taught me a lot of hands-on training, using, Adobe Creative Suite, but my professor always encouraged us to watch and learn from other artists and designers. School can only teach you so much.

How would you best describe your illustration style? Would you say that you had a specialty?

Most of my audience describes my work as lovely, romantic, and intricate. I think I have been influenced by the works of Gustav klimt and Aubrey Beardsley. As far as a specialty, I’d say I am into poster design, package design, editorial and children’s books.

“I enjoy people’s reactions when they see my art. I can’t imagine making a living doing anything else.”

What’s your weapon of choice? Any particular brands or models you swear by?

For me, I don’t like to stick to one medium. I like to use them all. I am more open to new ideas and love to experiment with both digital and traditional illustration.

Finish this sentence: “Despite what you might think, illustration is not _______ .”

Illustration is not for granted.

What other artistic passions do you have?

I love photography, animation, filmmaking, 3D modelling and sculpture.

Which professionals do you look up to the most in the illustration world?

Victoria Ngai, Marcos Chin and Yuko Shimizu.

At the end of the day, what do you love most about being an illustrator?

I enjoy people’s reactions when they see my art. I can’t imagine making a living doing anything else.