Illustrator of the Day: Chariline Meridores

ADC Member teaches art to street kids

Illustration Month rolls on here on the ADC blog,  as we continue to celebrate the illustrators within the ADC community with our Illustrator of the Day series. Some are professionals, some are students, and some just draw for fun. All of them are card-carrying members of ADC.

Our next featured ADC Member comes to us all the way from the Philippines, and displays an “east meets west” style.


Ortigas, Metro Manila, Philippines
+63917 8067758


Almost every kid likes to draw. When did it become more than just a kindergarten project for you? How was that interest nurtured?

Most of the pages of my school assignment notebook would have doodles and sketches.

How much of your ability is self-taught versus through schooling?

I studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.

How would you best describe your illustration style? Would you say that you had a specialty?

“East meets West.” It’s a fusion of various modern styles. I love experimenting with colors and creating 2D graphics design.

“I also like being able to inspire others through my work. Changing the world one drawing at a time!

What’s your weapon of choice? Any particular brands or models you swear by?

I try to experiment with all the different mediums. I love digital tools like Adobe Photoshop!

Finish this sentence: “Despite what you might think, illustration is not _______ .”

Illustration is JUST an illustration.

What other artistic passions do you have?

I recently started the Street SmART Project here in Manila. The project aims to help others help themselves through art. I teach street kids arts and crafts every Friday. We also do creative storytelling.

Which professionals do you look up to the most in the illustration world?

James Jean and Yoshitomo Nara‘s work moves me.

At the end of the day, what do you love most about being an illustrator?

I love being able to express my thoughts or emotions. I also like being able to inspire others through my work. Changing the world one drawing at a time!