Ian Wharton: ADC Young Guns 9. Why You Need to Enter

Young Guns 8 winner Ian Wharton talks on his blog this week about why you should enter ADC Young Guns 9:

This is no revelation – creatives have to fight for their work. They have to fight for their career, fight to keep things a labour-of-love and fight to make their name. It’s not always rewarding, it’s not always fun and sometimes the clock turning 3am is much more noticeable. But you suck it up and battle through because every creative wants to inspire, make truly amazing things and be respected.

Justify it.

One of the most important lessons any designer, illustrator or film-maker can learn is that they are only as good as their ability to make themselves known. The Art Directors Club Young Guns award program is hands-down the most significant and meaningful piece of recognition a young creative can receive. Especially so if you are a multi-disciplinary designer. In my 9 years of paying attention to the industry I have never previously said that.

Last year I was lucky enough to be one of the YG8 winners and the following I can say with utmost confidence about Young Guns 9. It will present opportunities you only dream about in design school. You will meet an array of brilliant and inspiring people, both friends and future colleagues. You will have lifelong recognition from one of the worlds most respected creative organisations. It will act as a catalyst for the next stage of your career and most importantly – it will forever inspire and drive you to excel.

Times are changing, some of the most influential entrepreneurs, innovators and creative thinkers in the world are in their twenties – and proud of it. This is a good time to be young and ambitious. Make yourself known.

Young Guns 9 call for entries opens March 15th
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