Huma-Huma: Theme Songs for Invisible Motion Pictures

ADC Young Guns 9 duo releases a new album

Our musical friends and ADC Young Guns 9 winners Huma-Huma recently put out a new album: Theme Songs for Invisible Motion Pictures. Check it out on Spotify or here.

This multi-faceted music and sound production company sure knows how to keep busy. The multi-disciplined owners (who are also filmmakers) Bennett (owner of Test Pattern and OFFICIAL) and Chris (owner of Mixtape Club), still find time to remain creative and make music for music’s sake with this new album.

From Huma-Huma: “This album is a celebration and excuse to make music simply for listening. We adore making music to picture, but we also feel it is important to make music that stands on its own. Some music is made to dance to, some music to relax to, etc. This is music to daydream to — music that sparks the imagination and conjures visuals and stories.”