Hello, My Name Is Joseph Schooling

From New York City to Singapore, art in train stations is officially a thing.

‘Hello, My Name Is Joseph Schooling’ is a photo book about Singapore’s first Olympic gold medalist, Joseph Schooling. Photographer Alvin Toh was given exclusive access to Joseph Schooling and his family on several occasions, allowing him to capture many precious and private moments seldom seen by others. The photo book is a culmination of the interactions that the photographer has had with the Schoolings. In conjunction with the launch of the book, SMRT and its subsidiary XCO sponsored 105 lightbox displays that are located in train stations across the country. 10 Singapore designers, including ADC Member Yanda Tan (Do Not Design), were commissioned to design posters for the lightboxes to celebrate Schooling’s victory. They are on display until 30 November 2016.

If you can’t make it in person, peruse the photos below!


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