Hello? Is It Halloween You’re Looking For?

To passersby of the ADC gallery on Wednesday night, it may have looked like an alien vessel in the shape of Lionel Richie’s head had crash-landed and would forever reign over all who entered. But to those in the know, Hungry Castle’s traveling public art project was the welcome to WICKED KITSCH, a costume party and art show where designers, art directors, fine artists gathered for a night of frightfully creative fun.

With the first place winner of the costume contest taking home a LXM Martin Guitar courtesy of C.F. Martin & Co., disguised attendees really stepped up their game, rivaling the awesomeness of the monstrous art that adorned the walls for the night. Contributing artists included Mike Bell, Jenny Zych, and Jonny Negron, to name a few from this brilliant list:

As is usually the case with collections of great work, comrades of ADC were well represented: Stefan Bucher of Young Guns 4 took over a corner with his glow-in-the-dark monster mural and ADC member Justin Winslow, who illustrated the branding for the event, displayed some spooky prints.

DJ Jahi Sundance set the mood with some old school jams while attendees mingled, sipped some seasonal ales, and enjoyed the art. It was a great way to celebrate the holiday and the mission of ADC—why battle the drunken throngs roaming the city streets when you could get all the Halloween excess you could want under one roof and support your favorite club?

Special thanks goes to ADC members Phillip Van Nostrand and Payam Rahimian, without whose photography skills we might not be able to remember the evening, and to COLLINS, C.F. Martin & Co. and The Creative Register for their continued support of ADC’s programs.

We’ll be opening the gallery for another dose of fun and serious creativity with the Young Guns 11 Awards Ceremony + Exhibition Party next week, so be sure to buy tickets now!