HAWRAF: Lindsay Howard Website

ADC Member helps a curator curate herself

How do you design a website for someone who makes a living at the intersection of art and internet? That was the challenge put forth to New York-based creative and ADC Member Carly Ayres and her team at HAWRAFas they teamed with digital curator Lindsay Howard to craft her online presence.

“We first had the pleasure of working with Lindsay on a website for an exhibition she curated at bitforms last summer called Temporary Highs,” explains Carly. “The show was about the highs and lows of internet culture—and, as such, we wanted to make a website that spoke to that. The end result was a gamified social network that allowed users to comments and post in order to earn points and rise ranks in a leaderboard embedded on the site.”

When it came time to revamp Lindsay’s own site, Carly and her crew already had a pretty good sense of her approach to curation and experience with her work. They wanted to find a way to balance showcasing her work with the personality and nature of her own practice.

“Lindsay’s curatorial work focuses on how the internet is shaping art and culture,” Carly continues. “Because of that, she shares a lot of studio visits and artist interviews on her Instagram and Twitter — and we wanted a way to highlight that. The left side of the page is a place to explore seven years worth of past exhibitions, writings, talks, and press, while the right offers up a feed of whatever else she’s been up to in the last 48 hours.”

We’re looking forward to checking back and seeing what she’s up to next!



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