GrandArmy Rings a Bell(wether)

ADC Young Guns 9 winners launch furniture brand

Looking to upgrade from your DRØÊNGST chairs and your MÅÐPLIÏK desk? The gentlemen of GrandArmy just might have something for you! The New York-based design studio and ADC Young Guns 9 winners  have launched Bellwether, a furniture and home goods brand whose products are designed and handmade right here in the US of A.

“Since the beginning, we have had a love for furniture, interior design and architecture,” says Eric Collins, who alongside Joey Ellis and Larry Pipitone make up the partners at GrandArmy. “Although those aren’t the disciplines our studio is known for within the design community, our heroes were always more so the Charles and Ray Eameses of the world rather then any classical graphic designer. Their sprawling, diverse range of projects has been a huge inspiration.”

“We’re modernists at heart, but we’re also drawn to the warm and utilitarian forms of early American design,” Eric continues, when asked what drove GrandArmy to expand their repertoire and launch Bellwether. “We talked a lot about this tension between modernist design, traditional American silhouettes, and geometric themes derived from the natural world. We began to develop an aesthetic based on these ideas, and have spent the last few years prototyping and refining this visual language into the current Bellwether line.”

That lineup includes such gems as the Golden Ratio Chair, the Hamilton Bench and the Epicycle Table, No word if they’ll throw in some frozen Swedish meatballs into the deal.