Graeme Montgomery: Dedicated Capturer of Fashion

ADC Member brings a sharp focus to still life photography

It’s Photography Month here on the ADC Blog, a chance to showcase the shutterbugs within the ADC community, sharing both their work and their stories. Photographers aren’t the biggest segment of creatives amongst ADC Members, but their passion more than makes up for their numbers. Whether they’re veteran shutterbugs, newcomers just starting to make a living, or just people who love to shoot on the side.

Our next featured ADC Member is a New York-based British expat with a flair for “modern and graphic” luxury photography.

New York, NY
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How old were you when you became interested in photography? How did that interest come about, and how was it fostered?

14. One rainy day I discovered a book about photography that my older brother had been given. I borrowed my Mum’s box brownie and soon I had set up my own darkroom in a cupboard.

Do you remember the earliest photograph you ever took that moved you?

No, but I remember taking lots of sports pictures at my school.

What type of photography would you say is your specialty, and how did it come to be your specialty? Can one be transient — starting in one area of photography but evolving into another?

At college I wanted to be a war photographer and then realised that was a dumb idea. After leaving college I was a portrait photographer and quickly got The Sunday Times (UK) as a regular client. A friend was working in the fashion department there, and started to ask me to do fashion still lives. I found that I was good at them and enjoyed that world. After a few years of trying to be both I bit the bullet and ditched the portraits and went with the still life.

Define your photographic style in a single sentence.

Modern and graphic but hopefully with some humour or an edge.

What’s your favorite camera to shoot with? What’s so awesome about it?

I shoot on a Hasselblad with a phase back. I love my Foba camera stand. Shooting on a tripod is hell after using one and they are a beautiful bit of Swiss engineering,

What is the hardest part about making a living as a photographer? Any advice on how to overcome that challenge?

My ever changing diary and never quite being able to commit to anything personal.

Is there a particular project of yours of which you’re especially proud?

I photographed a yoga book Mysore Style about Ashtanga Yoga and it’s Guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois shoot around his shall in Mysore India around his 90th birthday celebrations. Many of his students who are now the worlds leading yoga teachers were there. It captured a moment in time when Guruji as he is affectionately know was still teaching 150 students 6 hours a day. Soon after he became ill and was no longer able to teach. All profits from the book sales supported local Indian charities.

What would be your dream client/project/collaboration?

A client with a beautiful object to shoot and a challenging, creative outlook.

Nowadays everyone has ‘cameras’ in their pockets and Instagram on their phones. How has this changed the photography game? How has this changed your photography game?

I’ve become more of a specialist and work in a world and a style that is about creating images rather than fining and capturing them.

What are your other creative outlets and sources of inspiration?

I love doing up houses. My enviroment is very important to me.

Fill in the blank: “When I’m not shooting, I am…”

…I am hanging with my kids and chopping down trees and building bonfires at my upstate house.”

Which professional photographers do you look up to, whether from afar or as mentors?

I love Sheila Metzner. Raymond Meier’s early still life work changed peoples perspective on what could be done. My early influences include Brian Griffin and Bill Brandt.

When all is said and done, what is it about being a photographer that gets you up in the morning and drives your passion?

Creating something from nothing.

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