Good Artists Steal, Great Artists Share

Good Artists Steal, Great Artists Share

A lot of students believe that the line between school and your first job is black and white. The reality is that the people that get the first jobs are the ones that already belong to the industry, the ones that are in the community, and the ones that partake in the celebration of advertising and design before they get their first job.

I would like to invite you to take your first step as a professional by joining the oldest and most prestigious club in the world, the ADC – for half price.

ADC was established by art directors in 1920 that wanted to get together to celebrate advertising with the same standards as fine art. We continue that tradition today, and welcome you to join the most concentrated group of creative talent in the world.

With your semester off to a start we have created a membership plan exclusively for students. For the cost of a few beers (and yes, we agree beers are important sometimes too), you can take advantage of 50% Off Student Membership during our “Good Artists Steal, Great Artists Share” special.

Just share the love with your friends, then claim your 50% off promo code.

ADC will help you advance your career and allow you to exchange ideas with industry professionals. And as the Executive Director of ADC, my door is always open for ADC members to ask questions, discuss ideas or help connect you to the resources that you need.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy as a member, like a special plan to allow students to attend our 3-day festival in Miami Beach on April 7-9 and hang out with some of the world’s top creative directors. But the biggest benefit of becoming a member is, and always will be, to belong. To be one of us.

Click here to join ADC for $17.50 (discounted from $35).

Thank you in advance. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Ignacio Oreamuno
Executive Director, ADC

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