Gold with Envy

The projects and ideas that the ADC 96th Annual Awards Jury Members wish they created

ADC has pulled together an incredible collection of men and women to serve on the various juries of the ADC 96th Annual Awards. These industry superstars all have track records of producing some truly inspirational creations, with numerous accolades to show for it.

Yet as talented as each Jury Member happens to be, with impressive creative portfolios of their own, they cannot help but feel just a teensy bit jealous of some of the work their peers have created over the past year. We asked our panel to share which projects from 2016 that simply blew them away, making them say “damn, I wish I thought of that!” These creations haven’t necessarily been submitted to the Awards, but if they were, it would seem like they’d have excellent chances of earning coveted ADC Gold Cubes. Or at the very least bring out pangs of envy in the jury room.


keithcartwright“My favorite piece this year has to be “The Field Trip to Mars” by McCann New York. When you can create something that entertains, educates and reshapes the perspective of a client as complex as Lockheed Martin, you’re firing on all cylinders. Is stands as a reminder in our business how far we can push an idea.”

Keith Cartwright
Executive Creative Director
Advertising Jury



danielletrivisonnohawleyDroga5’s ‘Rule Yourself’ with Michael Phelps for Under Armour killed me. I watched it for the first time on 60 minutes when Phelps himself was watching it for the first time. The visceral and raw nature of the shots made you feel like you were close enough to quite literally be live in the practice stands or wiping his sweat in the gym. Emotional, raw craft like that is the backbone of all great stories – there was so much beauty in all of that rawness.”

Danielle Trivisonno Hawley
Chief Creative Officer, Americas
Digital Jury



edelrodriguez“Katrina Chairs’ by Alexandre Arrechea. I’ve enjoyed seeing Alexandre’s sculptures for about 20 years. This year he was commissioned by the Coachella Festival to create a piece and came up with this larger than life sculpture of four yellow chairs that elevate a set of apartment buildings. In the piece I saw references to New Orleans, but also to Havana, where we are both from. When I was a child, everything went up on chairs when a hurricane was coming through, so it tapped some of those memories for me. The size, color, and concept behind Alexandre’s piece has really stuck with me all year. I have a great admiration for his work and those of other sculptors that bring to life grand visions such as these.”

Edel Rodriguez
Illustrator (USA)
Design Jury


Photos by Rafael Garcia Sanchez


clairewaring“DDB Sydney’s #comeonin campaign for the Sydney Opera House. Damn! It’s one of those simple, genius ideas that leave you with a smile on your face. A great example of work that “hacks a platform” – leveraging an existing social network, geo-location and the venue itself to connect with customers.”

Claire Waring
Executive Creative Director, SE Asia
Sapient | razorfish (Singapore)
Digital Jury



chrisberesford-hillRustlers‘ campaign out of Droga5 London is incredible. I imagine it was a difficult assignment, then, probably in this order, amazing insight, creative idea, execution and craft. Doing a campaign this great for a microwavable hamburger is both a testament to advertising, and also completely absurd, because it’s a fucking microwavable hamburger. “

Chris Beresford-Hill
Executive Creative Director, EVP
BBDO New York (USA)
Advertising Jury



anuniemonen“The KENZO World film. Not only because it was awesome, beautiful and odd in a cute way, but also because of Spike Jonze.”

“But hey, I’m a Finn. We envy everything. It’s easier to say what I don’t envy — the people who worked with Trump’s campaign.”

Anu Nieminen
Senior Creative
hasan & partners (Finland)
Advertising Jury



kylehyunsukkim“‘The Rainbow Assembly’ by artist Olafur Eliasson, installed at his recent exhibition in the Leeum Museum. It is a simple installation, but it offers a variety of perspectives on what and how to see the world.”

Kyle Hyunsuk Kim
Hongik University (South Korea)
Digital Jury



anjasteinig“What I got excited about in 2016 was a work from Ogilvy Berlin and the creative mind Tim Stübane. With the book Mein Kampf – gegen Rechts (My Struggle – against right-wing extremism and racism) Ogilvy won numerous awards and even the Grand Prix at ADC*E. Because of political events, xenophobia is an explosive subject, especially in Germany. So in the year in which the infamous Mein Kampf from Adolf Hitler was made available over the counter again, the book by Ogilvy was the correct answer against this increasing insanity.”

Anja Steinig
Creative Director
Studio F (Germany)
Design Jury



jeremycraigenChannel 4‘s Paralympics ad “Yes I Can”. An incredibly hard brief. How do you top 2012’s amazing film for the London Paralympics? Well this one does it. I just love the tone of the piece. Quirky, celebratory, relevant. Superhumans all round.”

Jeremy Craigen
Global Chief Creative Officer
Innocean Worldwide (UK)
Advertising Jury



marisagallagher“The project was a nonprofit one — the ‘Evan’ PSA for Sandy Hook Promise by BBDO New York
It was just so tight for me; it used the right styles, narrative flow, viral video format, and practical, action-oriented approach to communicate and reinforce its point on the dangers of what we focus our attention on and how to change that. “

Marisa Gallagher
Head of Design and UX, Digital
Amazon Music (USA)
Digital Jury



TIME Magazine‘s 2016 Person of the Year cover of Donald Trump. I am not a photographer (or a magazine art director) so I can’t exactly say that I am envious. But I can say I highly appreciate the simultaneous boldness and subtlety of the thinking that went into this particular, purely visual narrative.”

Robert Nakata
Director of Design and Founder
72andSunny (Netherlands)
Design Jury




mayakopytman“’The Center for Dream Research‘ is a wacky exploratory interactive created by Unit9 to engage viewers of the USA Network TV show,
Falling Water. The interactive allows you to describe a dream and have its keywords analyzed to generate an interpretation. Additionally, you can take a survey and be screened as a potential research candidate.”

“I enjoyed the sophisticated and elegant design, as well as the somewhat nutty interaction. More than anything, I’m drawn to the mock-seriousness with which it is presented. If you don’t know it’s related to a TV show, it seems to be a thoroughly executed, well-funded lunacy. Thumbs up!”

Maya Kopytman
C&G Partners (USA)
Digital Jury


timgordon“‘The Swedish Number’ by Ingo Stockholm. I just love the simplicity and originality of the entire idea. So open. So powerful, given the global climate today. I’m a sucker for simple.”

Tim Gordon
Executive Creative Director
Droga5 (USA)
Advertising Jury



GailBichler“I think this
Adbusters cover is great. The designer took a part of the magazine that can be a nuisance to design around and made it an integral part of the concept. It’s smart and an instant read.”

Gail Bichler
Design Director
The New York Times (USA)
Design Jury




BillyJurewiczAnomaly’s ‘Got No Strings’ for Beats By Dre is pretty remarkable. Not just for the simplicity, but for the sales pitch on selling the cost of all that talent.”

Billy Jurewicz
Space 150 (USA)
Digital Jury



nathaliedelagorce“The Waitrose Christmas ad by Adam & Eve/DDB and The Mill. The story’s sentimental, and I believe they could have told an equally effective story without the kid and the mince pie. But each of the shots featuring the bird is beautifully composed. The sense of scale serves the story, and the CG is incredibly well done and integrated. The shot with the hand reaching for the birds through the Bokeh highlights? So gorgeous. I could go on like this for quite a while…”

Nathalie De la Gorce
Art Director
Oxygen Media (USA)
Motion Jury



NellieKim“’Project Graham’ by Clemenger BBDO for TAC is the craziest, most fascinating thing I’ve seen in…forever? As my Co-CD Chris would say, ‘You can’t look away from Graham, like you can’t look away from a car accident.’”

Nellie Kim
Partner, VP, Creative Director
Lg2 (Canada)
Digital Jury




tonjejaeger“It is very tempting to mention the new Norwegian bank notes or the new Norwegian passports that have both received much deserved tributes, and has rightfully put Norway on the map as a design nation.

“But instead, I want to highlight two new Scandinavian pieces:”

Bold’s redesign of SAS´ identity — finally SAS has been lifted into the heights where they belong. Sophisticated, varied, flexible. Hardly rigid, but at the same time so strong and clear! I am impressed by how Bold has successfully created brand consistency across all channels. Blue-on-blue <3″

Metric’s identity for Sentralen Oslo — Sentralen is a historic building in Oslo which has evolved from a large stoic savings bank into a bustling cultural think-tank. The old building itself remains, but it has reincarnated into something completely new and enlightening. The supporting identity and design system does the same – it has been based upon the typography from old banknotes found in the historic vaults, evolving it into something truly unique, which respects history all the while taking us into a new progressive future. It’s the perfect balance between historical and new, classic and playful, relevant and surprising.”

Tonje Jæger
Creative Director & Senior Designer
Scandinavian Design Group (Norway)
Design Jury


nickbarriosThe Field Trip to Mars for Lockheed Martin is a campaign that really stuck out to me. I grew up wanting to be an astronaut from watching movies like Star Wars and The Right Stuff, so it’s been so disappointing to see that kids today have little interest in outer space. This campaign paired VR with narrative very purposefully, but did it in a way that really allowed kids to get out of their element and truly be transported. Even more important to me, it helped spotlight the gap in education needed to prepare and inspire future space explorers. “

Nick Barrios
VP, Group Creative Director
DigitasLBi (USA)
Digital Jury



The ADC 96th Annual Awards Call for Entries is now open, with initial deadlines for all categories and disciplines taking place on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.