Genki Ito: ADC Young Guns @ Apple Store Ginza, Japan

Young Guns 8 winner Genki Ito presented his work at the Apple Store Ginza, in Tokyo last Monday.

Genki Ito joined W+K Tokyo Lab in 2004 to participate in numerous music video and visual productions. Ito officially became Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo’s digital artist in 2008, and went on to work on visual works for Google, Nike and PlayStation. He made his debut as director with Jemapur’s “Clarte”, which went on to receive accolades at media festivals in Germany, Australia, England and the US. Recently, Ito has been working on collaborations with flower arrangement artists and painters, and increasing his presence in the installation field as well.

This was our first Apple Store event in Japan and we are looking forward to many more at the Ginza Store, including NOSIGNER on March 23 and Daihei Shibata on April 25. Stay tuned to our a href=”” target=”_blank”>events page for details.