Gemma O’Brien wins Levine/Leavitt Artist-in-Residence Award

Australian Young Guns 13 winner gains stateside representation

The ADC Young Guns 13 Awards Ceremony and Exhibition Party took place at the ADC Gallery last week, where nineteen incredibly gifted creative professionals were presented with the ever-amazing Young Guns Cube. But the Cubes were not the only honors awarded that evening. For the second year in a row, ADC partnered with renowned New York and LA-based artist management agency Levine/Leavitt, to present the Artist-In-Residence Award.

This year, the Levine/Leavitt Board (which includes Deutsch NY ECD and ADC Young Guns 6 winner Menno Kluin) selected superstar letterer and illustrator Gemma O’Brien as the Artist-in-Residence for Young Guns 13. “We love typography and we were instantly drawn in by Gemma’s rare combination of talent, craft and charisma.,” explains Jeff Levine, co-founder of Levine/Leavitt. “Gemma is a brilliant typographer, illustrator and artist and we’re excited to help grow her career. We’re thrilled to be part of the Young Guns family and to be able to contribute something meaningful to a Young Gun’s career.”

“I’m honoured to have been selected for the Levine/Leavitt Artist-In-Residence Award,” says Gemma O’Brien. “I’ve admired the Levine/Levitt roster of artists for some time and so feel very excited to be joining this group of creatives. Looking forward to a new chapter of my career and taking my work to a new level in the U.S.”

“Looking forward to a new chapter of my career and taking my work to a new level in the U.S.”

The Artists in Residence award gives selected Young Guns full representation for one year by Levine/Leavitt , while being guided by a Board of Advisors of top creative professionals.

The Levine/Leavitt Artist-in-Residence Award has been a boon to the careers of past winners. “Last year, illustrator Kelsey Dake and photographer Katie Orlinksy were our selected recipients, and it was a tremendous success,” explained Levine. “A year later, they’ve received new clients and projects, many introductions and top awards, all as a direct result of this program. Both Kelsey and Katie are now part of our permanent roster.”

We can’t wait to see how this will make Gemma’s already skyrocketing career shine!