Felicia Perretti: Cartoon Food

ADC Member brings animated edibles to life

With Labor Day behind us (does that ‘don’t wear white’ rule still apply in 2015?) it’s time to get caught up with what the ADC community has been up to these past few months. Consider it a more adult version of those “What I Did on Summer Vacation” reports we all did in school each September.

First up, we have New York/Philadelphia-based food photographer and ADC Member Felicia Perretti. Felicia’s “Cartoon Food” is a personal project that brought the delicious — albeit totally fictional — treats from her favorite kids TV shows to life.

“My idea behind this project was to re-create iconic food from cartoons I grew up with. This was certainly a project I wanted my viewers to feel happy and nostalgic when they viewed the images.”
— Felicia Perretti

As simple as these images appear, getting them just so took Felicia a lot of work. “The technical challenge was mixing continuous lighting with strobes to get that even effect but producing hard edge shadows, something you cannot easily get with just strobes,” she explains. Sometimes you get a feathered edge, whereas with a continuous light, like a tungsten fresnel — a hot light — you get harder edges and a cleaner shadow. These images took longer exposures and in a completely blacked out room not to pick up any ambient light.”

The hard work paid off: Felicia’s “Homer’s Donuts” photo was honored in APA NY’s food + Still Life category earlier this summer.

Mmmmmmmm, photographed donuts….

Cartoon Food

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