Selections + Selectors 002: An Evening with Charlie Ahearn and his Hip Hop Musical Shorts

ADC is thrilled to partner with prō jekt′:nyc and Colab Projects for the series, Selections + Selectors, held monthly in the Wythe Hotel’s private screening room.

Each month, music and culture writer J.L. Sirisuk (Huff Post Entertainment, NPR Berlin, Interview Magazine) will host an evening of powerful film content that will include screenings followed by conversations with subject matter loosely related to the content of each film. Nights will conclude with vinyl only DJ sets by some of the city’s best DJs.

On Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30pm, Charlie Ahearn (Director of Wildstyle) taking over hosting duties to present his series, “A Program of Hip Hop Related Musical Shorts” for the evening. An amazing storyteller, Mr. Ahearn will share anecdotes throughout the evening and between films.

PPOW Chelsea will also join us for the evening and will be representing Mr. Ahearn’s video work in the upcoming Moving Image Art Fair (March 5th – 8th at the Waterfront New York Tunnel) with a presentation of Mr. Ahearn’s “Dirtstyle” video of hitting the Paris Metro, which will be screened at Selections + Selectors.

The night will conclude with an special performance by artist/violinist Marques Toliver and a very special guest DJ set.

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Here is the program for the evening:
Bongo Barbershop
Hip hop pioneer hip hop Grand Master Caz meets new African MC Balozi Dola rhyming in Swahili.

Brothers Fantastic
Brothers Rob and Kev (of The Fantastic Five in Wild Style) practice rhymes and harmonies at home

All City- Take It To The Bridge
Bushwick youth Hip Hop (Nine 11 Thesaurus) meets Brass Band (Lucky Chops) on Brooklyn Bridge

Subway Sampler
Dream like NYC train scenes with performers

Claudius On The One Train
Prodigy violinist enthralls subway

Dirt Style (Le Metro Paris)
Reys and Psy hit old school style

5 Grand Masters
Roots Bboy Battle DJ Grand Wizard Theodore (Produced by Mr Freeze and The UBC)

  • 2015-03-04 00:00:00
  • Wythe Hotel
  • 80 Wythe Ave.
  • Screening Room
  • Brooklyn, NY