Selections + Selectors 001 — Danchi No Yume: Dreams of the Projects

ADC is thrilled to partner with prō jekt′: nyc and Colab Projects for the series, Selections + Selectors, held monthly in the Wythe Hotel’s private screening room. Each month, music and culture writer J.L. Sirisuk (Huff Post Entertainment, NPR Berlin, Interview Magazine) will host an evening of powerful film content that will include screenings followed by conversations with subject matter loosely related to the content of each film. Nights will conclude with vinyl only DJ sets by some of the city’s best DJs.

After the screening of Danchi No Yume: Dreams of the Projects, Directors Sam Cole and Jonathan Turner and a panel of their peers will engage the audience in a conversation moderated by J.L. Sirisuk.

Doors/Cocktails at 6:30pm
Screenings begin promptly at 7:30pm

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Film Synopsis:

On the outskirts of Kyoto, far from its ancient temples and tourist sites, lies Mukaijima, a 40-building, low-income housing project that is home to poor immigrants, yakuza gangsters, drug addicts and lost children struggling to survive on the fringes of Japanese society.

Most residents of Kyoto simply ignore it. Many don’t even know it exists.

Danchi No Yume: Dreams of the Projects tells the story of Anarchy, a young man born into this hidden world and his mission to avoid the vicious circle of crime most young men get caught up in. To battle his despair of the depressing circumstances all around him and the loneliness of being raised in a single parent household, Anarchy turns to the streets of Mukaijima and finds other abandoned kids just like him. Inspired by the rags-to-riches success stories of American Hip Hop artists, Anarchy and his friends turn to Hip Hop to express their sense of despair and their hope for the future.

Together, they create a sense of family for themselves, each with their own unique stories, yet collectively sharing a common bond as outsiders in a rigid society that ignores its underclass with a cold and fearful indifference.

The film follows Anarchy as he embarks on his quest with little money and resources to record his first full-length album, Dream and Drama, and bring it to the people of Japan.

Today, the cultural trends in Japanese media are shifting. Once unthinkable, Anarchy, a lower class kid from the projects is rising to the national stage and his voice is finally being heard. Facing critics and naysayers from a society that discounts those who attempt to stand out from the crowd,Anarchy remains undaunted in his tireless effort to achieve his hip hop dream and propel his crew out of poverty and into the mainstream music scene in Tokyo.

  • 2015-02-03 00:00:00
  • Wythe Hotel
  • 80 Wythe Ave.
  • Screening Room
  • Brooklyn, NY