Design & Beers: Let’s Talk Type

Design and Beers is a monthly event that brings together designers, developers, and geeks of all types in the same physical space for a few hours of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The concept of D&B Talks is simple; in the beginning of the meeting, a speaker holds a 25-30 minute presentation on a topic related to design, IA, front-end development, etc. After the keynote, everyone can enjoy a drink and meet other designers and coders. The meetings take place on the last Monday of every month in Bordeaux, France, and they are open to everyone.

In 2015, D&B Talks returns with a new series of talks and workshops. This month, our speaker Andrei Bocan will talk Typography.

Did you ever spend more time analyzing logos, storefronts or posters in the street than
people around you? Trying to identify the fonts used? Criticizing a misplaced hyphen, the
poor leading or the “bad” font ? Did you ever have urticaria attacks when receiving
institutional mails written in Comic Sans MS ? Welcome to the typomaniacs club!

We must say that since the appearance of the first types of writing, humans have always
been fascinated by the spelling systems specific to their culture. The generalization of
writing (especially the alphabetic writing), the arrival of the first manuscripts, the
appearance of movable metal type and development of the printing press led to the
birth of modern typography. Nowadays, with the advent of digital printing technology
and the increasing number of new fonts, typography – which was once a complex
handcraft – has become a universal practice, accessible to anyone with a computer.

But all these changes had also led to debates and discussions about this art which is
constantly evolving … How do we create fonts? How to choose the right font? What is the
importance of typography in designing content for digital interfaces?

About Andrei Bocan:

Pixels and web interfaces maestro , Andrei is UI / UX Designer at Gestaltfabrik. When he
is not involved in a .gif battle, this grumpy cat of design is probably funneling his
earnings into vinyls and fonts.


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  • 2015-03-02 00:00:00
  • Ramblin' Man
  • 52 Quai Richelieu
  • Bordeaux, France