Elias Wessel: There Must Be More to Life

Photo series that debuted at ADC has been made into a book

In September of 2012 the ADC Gallery in New York City played host to the debut exhibition of There Must Be More to Life, a grandiose photo series by acclaimed German photographer Elias Wessel. The series featured stunning shots of international transgender icon Amanda Lepore, and the exhibition was a huge success for ADC, one of the first under the guidance of the recently named ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno.

We here at ADC are pleased to announce that Wessel’s exhibit has now been recreated and published in book form. Sharing the same name as the photo series, the book was conceived as a kids picture book and shows the symbiosis between the project’s aesthetic and its content. The art book was designed by ADC Young Guns 6 winner Philipp Hubert of Hubert & Fischer, and is  accompanied by a textbook which includes a foreword by Ignacio, a preface by art critic Meghan Daley and an interview with Amanda herself, ELIASWESSEL_ThereMustBeMoreToLife_Exhibition2012_001_ADC_NY

If you missed the exhibition at the ADC (as seen above) or if you’re a fan of beautifully shot, arresting imagery, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of There Must Be More to Life, available now at bookstores, online booksellers or directly from publisher Norman Beckmann.